Virgin Ptfe Molding Free Flowing Powder
    Ptfe Filled Compound Powder
    Ptfe Pre-Sintered Powder
    Ptfe Lubricant Powder

ITEM non-free flowing free flowing 
MG30 MG40 M81 M82
Powder properties Bulk Density(g/l) 300 350 800 800
Average Particle Size(μm) 15 20 450 750
Shrink During Sintering(%) 2.0---3.0
Phyical properties Specific Gravity (g/cm2) 2.15-2.17
Tensile Strength (≥MPa) 28 28 28 28
Elongation 330
Hardness (shore D) 54
Test Method ASTM4894
Recommended Moulding Pressure(kg/cm2) 300~400
Max Sintering Temperature(℃) 380
Main Applications General press processing. For middle and small moulding
products and skived film with good mechanices and 
electrical properties

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