Virgin Ptfe Molding Free Flowing Powder
    Ptfe Filled Compound Powder
    Ptfe Pre-Sintered Powder
    Ptfe Lubricant Powder

Filler Kind %in weight Characteristics
Non-freeFlowing Free-flowing
Glass Fiber 15GL-NFF 15GL-FF 15 Low creep,high
20GL-NFF 20GL-FF 20 anti-abrasive,
25GL-NFF 25GL-FF 25 good electrical property.
Glass Fiber 15GL5M-NFF 15GL5M-FF 15 High anti-abrasive,
and MOS2 5 low friction and creep.
Bronze 60BR-NFF 60BR-FF 60 Low creep,good heat
 conduction and high hardness.
Carbon 15CAR-NFF 15CAR-FF 15 Low creep,high 
Powder  25CAR-NFF 25CAR-FF 25 anti-abrasive and PV.
Graphite 15GR-NFF 15GR-FF 15 Low friction and creep,
Glass Fiber 15GL5GR-NFF 15GL5GR-FF 15 High anti-abrasive,low
and Graphite 5 friction and creep
Carbon Fiber 10CF-NFF 10CF-FF 10 High anti-abrasive,
15CF-NFF 15CF-FF 15 anti-corrosive,high PV.
Steel Powder 50STST-NFF 50STST-FF 50 conduction

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